Illinois Concealed Carry

We offer the 16 and 8 hour courses as required by Illinois law in order to obtain a new license to legally carry a loaded concealed handgun.

We also offer the 3 hour license renewal course.

Length of course – 16 hours (depending on requirements)

Cost of courses:
16 hours – $150.00
8 hours – $100.00

Course Lessons:

Lesson 1 – Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals
Lesson 2 – Self Defense Firearms Basics
Lesson 3 – Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
Lesson 4 – Legal Use of Force
Lesson 5 – Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath
Lesson 6 – Gear and Gadgets
Lesson 7 – Basic and Advanced Skills
Lesson 8 – Illinois Law
Lesson 9 – Range Qualification*

Requirements to attend:

The student must be 21 years of age or older. No one under the age of 21 is eligible to obtain an Illinois Concealed Carry License.

The student must possess a valid Illinois FOID card and have it in possession during the class.

* You will fire 30 rounds at a B-27 silhouette target: 10 rounds at the 5 yard line, 10 at 7 yards, and 10 at 10 yards. You are required to hit 21 of 30 or 70%. Do not get overly concerned or neglect to take the course because of this qualification. This is a very doable task and you will be more than adequately prepared before going to the range. You will also be allowed practice shots prior to performing this exercise if you feel the need to. We are experienced at helping those who need it and we will give you personal assistance in order to keep you safe and hone your shooting skills.


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