There are three states who offer non-resident permits that are popular with those who travel outside of Illinois and the states that honor Illinois CCL: Arizona, Florida, and Utah.

Arizona and Florida require an approved course, such as the 8 hour NRA Basic Pistol Course that we teach, plus fingerprints and their permit fees.

Because of its high standards, the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course is recognized by Illinois, Florida, Arizona, and most other states as part or complete educational and practical qualification for issuance of their resident and non-resident Concealed Carry Licenses (please read and understand each State’s requirements).

Utah CCL – Requirements for the Utah non-resident CCL is completion of the 4 hour Utah CCL course, plus finger prints, photo, and $49.00. The Utah permit is good for 5 years from the date of issue. Steve is certified by the State of Utah’s BCI to teach the 4 hour course. Those who attend our NRA Basic Pistol or Illinois CCL courses can be eligible for the Utah permit by attending a 1 hour follow-up session dealing with Utah laws.

With the above non-resident permits, one can conceal carry through the states their IL CCL covers, plus 11 others (12 with Arizona).

Click HERE to see the USA Reciprocity map for all states.

Click HERE for information on other States’ Non-Resident permits



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