Course Prices

16 Hour Illinois Concealed Carry – $150.00 (Honorably discharged or retired veterans – $100.00)

Utah Concealed Carry Course – $75.00

For NRA course prices see the course listed under the “Up Coming Events” tab.

Previous SHPDT students enjoy a 25% discount on the regular prices of all courses we offer.


Additional Information

  • Course fees include everything you will need, except your firearm and ammunition.
  • For classes that require shooting qualification on the range, one will need to have a concealable handgun of any caliber and at least 50 rounds of ammunition. In order to minimize accidents and delays, we request that only new ammo be used; no reloads please.
  • Smaller caliber handguns, such as a .22 caliber are a good choice for first-time shooters; especially ladies and young people, as they tend to have weaker grips. However, everyone is welcome to use whatever caliber they wish.
  • You do not have to use your own firearm, however if you own one it will be best to use the one you will be normally using on the range or carry. We have a few handguns available for use free of charge on a first come – first served basis. Let us know when you sign up and we can inform you of what is available (if any) at that time.
  • Everyone will be required to have eye and ear protection while on the range. We have a limited supply available for use, so if you need some please contact us ahead of time because they will be offered on a first come – first served basis.
  • You can bring firearms into the classroom cased and unloaded or keep them locked safely in your vehicle until they are needed.
  • There will be NO LIVE AMMUNITION ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM at anytime. Therefore, check all pockets, purses, and other containers you bring before entering the classroom to be sure you are not carrying live ammo.
  • Classes will begin promptly at the stated times; therefore be in your seat and ready to participate at those times.
  • There will be a 10 minute break every hour and an allotted time for lunch on full day schedules.
  • All safety rules must be practiced on the range. Do not handle or load firearms until the instructor says to do so and do not fire until given the “fire” command.
To sign up for a class, simply use the “Contact” form below to send us your name, address, birth date, phone number, email and the class you are interested in attending and if there is still room, we will place you on the roster.


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